Connecting Cables and Components


Connecting Cables and ComponentsCustom-tailored solutions for fitting a variety of components.

Proper Joining

We are driven by a desire for perfection. That is why we rely on various procedures/methods and technologies when it comes to designing hardware connections for various applications.

Due to the efficient deployment of manual and semi-automatic fitting methods, EM Kunststofftechnik GmbH will be able to develop innovative, unique solutions according to your demands and requirements.

Whether you are looking for simple cable sets or complex modules, we offer you completely customized concepts. We can also manufacture your prototypes and supply samples, both in small and large quantities.

Manufacturing Cable Sets and Modules

An Overview of our Services

Fitting of Housings
Installation of connecting components from leading producers using either conventional contacting or insulation displacement connections (IDC).
Soldering and Ultrasonic Welding
Producing form-fitting connections in a lead-free and environment-friendly manner.
Splice and Clip Connections
Space-saving means of connecting several stranded wires or adding them to other components.
Twisting Wire Pairs
Twisting stranded wires to reduce the mutual impact of electric conductors.
Installing Conduits and Corrugated Tubes
Conduits and corrugated tubes serves as a protection against damage.
Preparing the Installation
Installing diverse mounting elements for affixing them at their place of application.
Strapping and Affixing
Bundling and sheathing wires/cables with special adhesive tapes and cable ties.


Applying sleeves for repair, insulation or as protection against external influences.
Sealing Materials
Sealing cables with high-end sealing materials including UV curing.
Coating with Thermoplastics
Thanks to perfected coating processes we can ensure permanent functionality.
Sealing with Hot-Melt Adhesives
Sealing with hot-melt adhesives provides components with a long-lasting protection. Due to the low costs of the tools used for this method, it is also a cost-efficient alternative to injection moulding.

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