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Wire and Cable Assembly

For All PurposesCustomized processing of stranded wires and cables.

Everything You Need to Know

Our assembled wires and cables are always made to your exact specifications. We offer both manual and fully automated manufacturing of stranded wires and cables with cross sections ranging from 0.05mm² to 12mm². Additionally, they can be equipped with a variety of individual cable ends.

In order to ensure processing to the most exacting standards, we use fully automated crimping machines, cutting machines, various crimping presses for manual processing as well as a wide range of quick-change tools.

The stranded wires and cables we produce are primarily used in the automotive industry and in high-end electronic devices. We are committed to delivering innovative, high-performance, long-lasting products to a diverse range of sectors including automotive engineering, system engineering, automation engineering, drive-related and electronic instrument engineering.

  1. Cutting

    The first step in assembling a wire is cutting it to length.


    The second step is
    to remove the insulation without
    damaging the internal conductor.

  2. Fitting the Terminals

    The final step is to fix the proper wire terminal to the cable.

Cutting and Stripping

Wire and Cable Ends

Crimping and more . . .


Loose Piece Terminals and Reeled Terminals

  • Affixing various crimp terminals to ensure precise and secure connections and optimized functionality.

Turned Contacts and Wire End Ferrules

  • Crimping of turned pin and socket contacts, also for jacketed cables.

Sealed Terminals

  • Affixing seals to provide permanent protection from dirt and moisture.

Double-Crimp Connections

  • Production of various cable combinations using the double crimping process with identical and different cross-sections and colours.

Tin-Plated Wire Ends

  • Lead-free tin-plating of wire ends using the dipping and wave technology to protect the single strands from damage and to facilitate further processing.

Compacted Wire Ends

  • Manufacturing of reliable electromechanical connections by compacting strands using resistance welding.

Special/Patented Processes for Compacted Strands

  • Affixing insulation grips on ultra-fine stranded wires for reinforcement and protection against insulation shifting.

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The assembly of your wires and cables is now completed.

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